Profile: Geoffrey Hill – One of ArborGen’s Road Warriors

geoffArborGen road warriors. That’s the “unofficial” title of the sales team members as they travel the country educating customers as well as marketing ArborGen products. Racking up approximately 45,000 miles a year, Geoffrey Hill is one of these warriors.

Based in Athens, Georgia, Geoff covers a territory that includes 15 states-from Georgia to New Jersey and from southern Illinois to Alabama. Although he’s an experienced salesman, Geoff didn’t start off in sales.

Geoff graduated from the University of West Virginia with a bachelor of science in forest resource management. He later attended the Alabama A&M Summer Timber Mgt. Practicum. Afterwards he went to work on the Plumly Lumber company harvesting crew. He began with Union Camp in Franklin, Va., on their timber purchasing team in 1981. After four years he was transferred to Louisville and Vidalia, Ga., where he managed company timberland and worked with wood suppliers in area management.

In 1997 Geoff became the nursery manager at the Bellville, Ga, SuperTree Nursery. He continued in this role through the International Paper merger. In 2000 he began his position as seedling sales coordinator and continues today since the ArborGen acquisition in 2007.

“I enjoy working with customers and helping them achieve their reforestation goals. ArborGen has such breadth and depth in our seedling offerings. From Varietals to MCP to OP genetically-improved Pine, to Atlantic White Cedar, Longleaf and Shortleaf Pine, hardwoods, wildlife shrubs, we really offer incredible diversity. We support projects involving pine reforestation with a financial focus, wetlands mitigation, stream restoration, mine reclamation, wildlife habitat enhancement, ecological restoration, aesthetics and bioenergy. Our customers are our friends and we have grown our business together over the years.The future is very exciting!”

When not on the road, Geoff enjoys spending time with his wife, Anne, and his two daughters. He is active in his church, including working with the mobile food pantry, semi-annual Red Cross Blood drive, and communion team. He’s an active member of the Ga. Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation and many state forestry associations. He serves as a regional and district chairman in the Georgia Tree Farm program. Geoff is also a backporch banjo picker who enjoys hunting and gardening.

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