Virginia Field Report: OP vs. Varietals at Age Five

The results at this five-year mark are nothing short of amazing. Seeing is Believing! OP trees on the left. AGV 124 Varietals on the right. Here’s how the AGV performed: Average height of AGV: 24′ Diameter at Breast Height (DBH):  34% gain over OP Volume gain per tree: 131% gain over OP Volume per acre: […]

You Asked for Bareroot Varietals. You Got Them!

Responding to our customers’ requests for our elite Varietal seedling genetics in a more cost-effective package, we are now offering bareroot Varietals at a 25% reduction in price for those sites not requiring containers. With these seedlings, you get the same guarantee of the most advanced tree science in forestry with outstanding field support from […]

NEW: Varietal Seedling for SE Texas & Louisiana

    ArborGen is pleased to announce the availability of our newest elite Varietal seedling for the southeast Texas and Louisiana area – AGV 126. This tree, bred by the Western Gulf Co-op from the top performing Loblolly pines in this region, was tested in four different locations and selected at age five. AGV 126 […]

Who oversees planting and lifting 29 million+ seedlings a year?

Larry Foster, Manager Alabama SuperTree Nursery in Selma, Alabama – That’s who! Without a doubt, one of the most important benefits for our customers in doing business with ArborGen is the people who provide the expertise in seedling selection and silviculture. Larry Foster, manager of the Alabama SuperTree Nursery in Selma, Alabama, is just one […]

Outstanding in the field! AGV 124 vs. OP at Age 3

Jason Watson, Piedmont Region Sales Coordinator, visits a site managed by Milliken Forestry in Lexington County South Carolina to see a comparison of age 3 AGV 124 vs. OP — both planted on the same day in 2011. Millken foresters Jerry Corley (left) and John Hane (right) demonstrate the difference between the two. See for yourself […]

ArborGen Receives Leadership Award from Forest Landowners Association

Scott Jones, CEO of the Forest Landowners Association, presents John Pait, vice president of sales, marketing and product development, with the Forest Landowners Association (FLA) Leadership Award. ArborGen is proud to follow our 2013 FLA Corporate Member Award with the 2014 FLA Leadership Award for exemplary leadership in the association. ArborGen paid for FLA memberships for […]

Learn what goes into a Varietal seedling . . . and what comes out.

To maximize growth and financial returns, forest landowners can enhance productivity by taking advantage of biotechnological advancements that can improve forest growth and health. Before you say “too costly” consider what you’ll gain in planting fewer trees per acre and adapting silviculture to wider rows and targeted trees that grow faster, have less disease and […]