“Good Wood” is better defined and researched.

The North Carolina State University Tree Improvement Program (NCSUCTIP) has been improving Loblolly for nearly 60 years. By breeding thousands of the best Loblolly Pines in the Southeastern U.S. using intelligent breeding designs, and through careful testing of their offspring, the CO-OP staff has significantly improved many important characteristics for forest productivity in Loblolly Pine. Members of the […]

Head ‘em up. Move ‘em out. Whether it’s seedlings or cattle, our Lux can get it done.

When you ask Lux Davis what she does for ArborGen, the better question would be what does she not do? Lux, officially a seedling sales/business specialist in Livingston, Texas, has pretty much done it all. Starting part-time with Champion in 1985, Lux worked in the field lifting trees. But after her first season of lifting, […]

Ice Storm Damage: Emergency Assistance Available in SC, GA and NC

This has been a rough winter for many forest landowners across the Southeast. Particularly hard hit were South Carolina<, Georgia and North Carolina, and the state foresters and FSA personnel have been working hard in those states to ensure that some form of emergency funding will be available for forest restoration on ice-storm damaged land. […]

Loblolly Pine Genetics Makes NBC Science News Headlines

NBC Science News recently covered the mapping of the Loblolly Pine genome – the largest genome ever sequenced. With more than 23 billion base pairs, it’s seven times larger than the human genome. Three articles on this massive project were recently published in the journals Genetics and Genome Biology but reading them might make your head […]

Storm Damage Report and Recommendations for Damage Evaluation

See recommendations from GFA for evaluating ice storm damage below. South Carolina The South Carolina Forestry Commission estimates that 25,000 to 30,000 acres of timber will have to be salvaged and replanted. Commission surveys show a 170-mile-long, 70-mile-wide band of timber damage extending from the Savannah River to the North Carolina border. Immediate, direct timber losses are […]

New Genetics Workshop Locations for May 2014

More than 400 people attended ArborGen’s Advanced Genetics and Silviculture Workshops last year. Many who were too far away from those locations requested that we set new locations so that’s exactly what we did. Our 2014 workshops will be just as informative as last year’s and most of the same speakers will give presentations on […]